DNS Exploit

NOTICE: As of 5/29/2024, the DNS server that previously gave out gifts for each day has been changed back to giving out random gifts, regardless of day. The guide still works, and the DNS server is the same, however now you'll simply have to continue to check gifts until you get the one you want. I put a lot of time and effort into this date tool, so I'll leave the page up in hopes of the servers being fixed one day.

DNS Date Calculator

Select your game and event you'd like to receive, and the tool will calculate the date you need to set your DS to when connecting to the DNS Server. For a full table of events for each game click here

NOTE: If you are trying to get an item from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, and your DS is set to a LEAP YEAR (2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, etc.), you may have to set your DS to one day earlier than shown. HG/SS doesn't seem to have this issue. You can also simply set the year to a regular one.


Nintendo Wifi Connection officially shut down on May 20th 2014 for the DS. With this, we lost the ability to use the WiFi Rooms in D/P/Pt, the ability to trade and battle online, and the ability to use Wifi to receive special Mystery Gifts. Luckily, the good folks behind Wiimmfi created fan made DNS servers in 2014, single handedly resurrecting online play for the Nintendo DS and Wii.

What You'll Need

To get this working on Gen 4, you will need:

*** This is the biggest bottleneck for Gen 4 Wifi. The original DS and Gen 4 games only support WEP encryption. WPA and WPA2 will NOT work. Therefore, you'll need a way to create an unsecure Wifi connection. I personally use my Google Pixel 5 in order to create an unsecure hotspot, and most other Android phones should be able to do the same. If you are an iPhone user and have no access to an Android phone, you'll have to mess with your router in order to open an unsecure Guest Wifi. I recommend either making this hidden, or whitelisting ONLY your Nintendo DS, as this is somewhat dangerous to leave open. If this isn't possible, your only other option is to grab an older router that allows WEP connection.

@SirToastyToes recommended THIS router, (TrendNet N300 Wirelesss Router TEW-731BR Version 1.0R) which has worked for him. @CannedWolfMeat also supplied official router list from Nintendo UK, which is from a webpage that is now offline.

How to Set Up

First, you'll have to unlock Mystery Gifts on your game.

  • In HeartGold/SoulSilver
  • -Mystery Gift is unlocked by default
  • In Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
  • -Play up until Jubilife City
    -Go to the TV Building, go to the third floor, and talk to the exec with glasses
    -Enter "EVERYONE HAPPY WIFI CONNECTION" using the EasyChat System (Use ABC mode, I find it slightly easier)

    Next, you'll have to set up your connection.

    You should be all set now! Reset your DS, and head into System Settings to change the date.

    Mystery Gifts

    One of the previous servers I used to use would randomly give out mystery gifts from the pool of every available gift, which made it really annoying to get a specific gift. The genius of the server is that it gives out a specific gift for a specific date. This means you can get each gift you want simply by changing the date on your DS and connecting to the server. I've compiled a table for every English Gen 4 game, with each item and its corresponding date.

    I'd also like to note, it seems that different language games have different dates for each item. These tables are for English only, at the moment.

    Diamond and Pearl


    HeartGold and SoulSilver

    Last Updated 04/03/2024 - Date Tool added