This is HallowedTower.net! This is a passion project I'm slowly putting together in order to have an archive of interesting and useful information about the 4th Generation of Pokemon Games. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned shiny hunting veteran, I hope you find something useful while looking around!


06/18/2024 --- It's almost Safari Week! And just in time, here's the page on the Johto Safari Zone! So far the page is pretty simple, it's mostly info from Bulbapedia and info researched by Kwikpanik that I put in one spot so it's a little easier to reference for shiny hunters. But there's a lot left to do! I plan on putting together a tool that lets you choose a Pokemon you want to encounter and it will generate all the info you need, ie. blocks, days needed to wait, encounter rates, etc. But in the meantime, hopefully this helps gets you set up for Safari Week 2024!

05/29/2024 --- Some backend work today! I fixed up a really dumb issue I was having so now all nav/sidebar links are handled through JQuery, making it a lot easier to mass-update them when a new page is added. Also added a new color to the palette (the yellow/gold) in order to fully complete the "Giratina" color palette I've been going for! This is to pave the way for a theme switcher I want to implement soon.

05/14/2024 --- A new tool has dropped! I'm super excited for this one. If you ever need some inspiration on deciding your next shiny hunt, check out the new Shiny Hunt Generator! This is a community project and I'd love to have people submit their own hunt ideas! Over time the plan is to build up a huge database of Gen 4 hunts that the page can randomly grab from. I've started us off with a few of my favorites, but I'll add more as I think of them and receive them!

04/26/2024 --- Is full odds hunting too daunting? Want something that requires a little more brainpower, but a good amount of luck? The Pokeradar Guide is up! I've always loved shiny hunting with the Radar, and I can only hope this guide gives you some encouragement to try it out for yourself!

04/19/2024 --- Working hard on the Pokeradar Page right now! In the meantime, we've now affiliated with The Cave of Dragonflies, one of my favorite and most visited sites, absolutely filled with info from basically every generation! And another new friend, Noseclub, a site full of game mechanics and incredible art!

03/29/2024 --- Looking for some easier ways to level up in Gen 4? Don't feel like farming with the Vs. Seeker? Grab some Rare Candy! The Farming Rare Candy page is live! I did my best to research the best, more streamlined methods for this, and tried to make sure everything you needed to know was all in one spot!

03/27/2024 --- I've been hard at work doing some research and gathering up some information on the DNS Exploit, and now the page is finally live! You can check it out here. I still plan on updating the page, and want to add a tool using JavaScript to make finding the date a little more streamlined. I'm also working on a Rare Candy Farming page, which should be up soon!

03/19/2024 --- A bit of a makeover, I redid the logo and plan on fixin up the site a little bit. As for updates, I added the Resort Area Magikarp page! This is probably my favorite event in Platinum and highly recommend you try it out. We also added Buried Relic as a new affiliate! One of the most gorgeous sites around, it's full of neat stuff like guides on how to Hunt Shadow Pokemon in XD and Colosseum, a Dangerous Move Checker (something I use all the time while shiny hunting) and more!

03/18/2024 --- We've made some friends! We're now affiliates with Pamtre Berry! A lovely little site where you can play browser-based recreations of some GBA and DS era Pokemon minigames, like a Secret Base decorator and a Dress-Up minigame.

03/16/2024 --- The site is officially live @ HallowedTower.net! Super excited to see it out on the interwebs. The top priority at the moment is working out a more responsive layout, and with that, making a mobile friendly site. Lots to do still, but the skeleton is here!